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Ready to make some dough?
We’re on a roll.

As the original Pizza restaurant franchise with over 60 years of brand history, Shakey’s Pizza has more than 60 restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and more than 200 locations internationally. With a passionate, worldwide fan base, Shakey’s Pizza offers seasoned operators an opportunity to join a fast casual pioneer that promises exceptional food, operational simplicity and a proven system backed by experienced franchising experts, to deliver a one-of-a kind guest experience..

Shakey’s Pizza® is rolling out in select U.S. markets:

We are recruiting candidates to develop exclusive franchise territories in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas and Washington.

Shakey’s Pizza® is rolling out in select U.S. markets

For U.S. markets:
Sonia Barajas-Najera, Vice President, Franchise Administration
Shakey's USA, Inc.

For international markets contact:

For opportunities in Mexico visit